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Hearing Solutions by a Licensed Audiologist

Located in Brandon, Florida

Advanced Diagnostics and Hearing Solutions is a private Audiology practice, founded by Dr. Lisa Tanner in 2009. We offer compassionate care and services to the Central Florida region. Dr. Tanner stays at the forefront of hearing aid technology and is committed to finding the best solution for all your hearing needs.

Our goal at Advanced Diagnostics and Hearing Solutions is to find a solution that fits your personal lifestyle and budget needs while enhancing your listening and communication skills. There are many different ways that our hearing can be compromised, each with its own unique solution. Not everyone needs hearing aids nor can some individuals be helped by utilizing hearing aid technology. A comprehensive exam with our Audiologist will help us make a determination of what would be best suited for your individualized needs.

Diagnostic Evaluations

We have an in-office state-of-the-art sound proof hearing test booth for conducting on-site diagnostic hearing tests and tinnitus evaluations.

Custom Ear Molds

Our office provides custom ear molds for a variety of applications: hearing protection for recreational & occupational needs, custom ear molds for musicians, swimmers and sleep.

Hearing Aids

We work with the top brands of hearing aids offering patients the latest technology and the best quality, comfort and reliability.

Do you have Hearing Loss?

Are you constantly turning up the volume on your TV or phone? Do you have trouble hearing people when they speak to you in a noisy restaurant or a crowded room?

Whether you're having trouble hearing others when they're speaking to you, or perhaps you recently experienced a loud noise that has left you with a ringing in your ear, or you're simply concerned that you might be suffering from hearing loss, we invite you to come in for a diagnostic hearing test conducted by a licensed audiologist right here in Brandon, FL.

Hearing loss is very common and can often times cause a variety of unsuspected side effects such as depression and stress on relationships. Don't let hearing loss impact your quality of life, get evaluated and start living a normal life.

If you're not ready for an evaluation, click the button to learn more about hearing loss and its symptoms.

About Us

Located in the heart of Brandon, FL, Advanced Diagnostics & Hearing Solutions is a state-of-the-art audiology center offering an in-house hearing test booth, a licensed audiologist with over 20 years experience and a friendly staff that offers compassionate care to patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Dr. Tanner schedules appointments to allow for ample time to test and counsel our patients for their hearing needs. This prevents long waiting times and allows patients to have all their questions answered by the doctor.
Dr. Tanner offers free Hearing Screenings which will identify whether or not a hearing diagnostic evaluation should be performed. To learn more about this click here
Dr. Tanner will give you the opportunity to have a trial period with different hearing aid manufacturers before purchase.
Dr. Tanner will be happy to evaluate your child in order to determine the best plan of treatment.

Need a Diagnostic Evaluation?

Don't live in wonder. Find out what you need to know and get a Diagnostic Evaluation.


You're in Good Hands

Dr. Tanner is a licensed Audiologist who has been helping patients of all ages with hearing loss. She has 20 years experience and a genuine passion to help people live a quality life - to communicate with loved ones, to listen to the sounds of our surroundings we so often take for granted, to be engaged in school or to advance in their career. Let Dr. Tanner help you or someone you love get the beautiful gift of hearing.
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