Hearing Solutions

Our goal at Advanced Diagnostics and Hearing Solutions is to find a solution that fits your personal, lifestyle and budget needs while enhancing your listening regardless of lifestyle. There are many different ways that our hearing can be compromised, each with its own unique solution.  Not everyone needs hearing aids nor can some individuals be helped by utilizing hearing aid technology. A comprehensive exam with our Audiologist will help us make a determination of what would be best suited for your individualized needs.

Hearing Solutions:

*Assisted Listening Devices

Personal FM Systems for aiding the user while listening in groups and classrooms. These devices include but are not limited to  Amplified or Cap-Tel telephones.

*Alarm Devices

Hearing common household sounds such as alarm clocks, babies crying, or fire alarms is not always easy.  Standard alarms may not always wake up people with hearing loss, seniors, children, or heavy sleepers.  These devices are an easy solution for such issues.

*Hearing Aids

There is no "one size fits all" when dealing with hearing aids.  They must be fit and calibrated to each individual user.  At ADHS, we happily offer these services to ensure that each hearing aid solution is customized to the user. We offer a variety of different instruments to meet these particular individual hearing needs.


Diagnostic Procedures Available:

*Comprehensive Hearing and Tinnitus Evaluation

* Otoacoustic Emmissions (OAE) Testing

* Advanced Hearing Aid Assessment

- Real Ear Measures

- Speech Mapping

*Custom Earpeice and Hearing Protection Fitting

Any further information you would like to receive about our services please contact our office.

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